Consequences of OSA

Understanding that the potential consequences of OSA are not just physical side effects, but critical functions that a person needs to navigate through their day is important. Fragmented sleep has a high impact on our performance, with OSA associated hypoxia affecting key body functions that affect immunity and wellness.

If you have a patient that is suffering the symptoms associated with sleep apnea, then try a Level 2 sleep test which will not only measure the snore, but analyse your patient's sleep cycle.


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Critical consequences include:


Impaired Memory & Judgement


Reduced attention and vigilance



Increase Risk of Work or Motor Vehicle Accidents



Increased Risk for Developing Depression



Potential Consequences Of Sleep Fragmentation


Typical sleep structure in a normal adult without OSA

Abnormal sleep structure in an adult with Severe OSA


Sleep Apnea Associated Hypoxia


Typical oxygen levels for an adult without OSA


Abnormal oxygen levels for an adult with OSA


Potential Consequences Of Hypoxia