Ongoing Treatment & Support

mySleep® is one of the longest established CPAP providers in Australia,
we have assisted thousands of patients with their CPAP treatment.


At mySleep® we believe that establishing a patient on therapy is only the beginning of an ongoing journey to sleep better for life and understand how important our role is to support and be accountable to our patient's needs.

We have a dedicated team of Sleep Health Experts, who are patient focused and here to help you get most out of CPAP therapy.

  • Regular Tips to improve the quality of your treatment
  • Equipment Cleaning Days
  • Phone, Telehealth, Clinical Consultations
  • mySleep® Member Offers
  • FREE after sales care on all equipment
  • FREE downloading and interpreting CPAP machine sleep data
  • Large range of spare parts and accessories for sale 
  • Non CPAP sleep and anti-snoring aids 
  • CPAP machine servicing available

We are committed to your long-term success with your chosen therapy and your improved sleep health.


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Your Sleep Health Journey