Sleep Study Setup

Thank you for choosing mySleep®: to participate in your Home Sleep Study.


We strongly suggest going through the manual provided in your sleep study pack as well as the video link as soon as you can and if you have any questions please call 1300 605 700 to discuss before 5pm so we are able to assist you with any questions or concerns.

We hope this process is clear and easy to understand, however if not please call us to discuss any concerns. If after 5pm you are unsure of anything try to follow the manual and video as best you can and if a repeat is required we are more than able to organise this for you at no additional cost.

Preparing Your Equipment

The provided video will show you how to attach the equipment to ensure your results are recorded accurately.

Leg Leads

Only apply Leg leads as instructed if your doctor has requested on your referral in which legs leads (grey or black leads) will be provided if necessary in your sleep study pack.

Secure with Tape

If either the finger pulse oximeter (watch) or the nasal cannula falls out for more than 2 hours during the night you will have to repeat the study, therefore please make sure you have appropriately secured them with the tape provided.



*Important Notes

Please ignore the instructions outlined at 9:22 minutes as these sensors are not required. However please add the EMG sensors (white leads) on your cheeks as instructed at 8:50 minutes.

Overnight Questionnaire

Please complete your overnight after questionnaire, supplied in your sleep study pack and return to mySleep® your clinic with your device between 9am-9:30am (Monday-Friday) or as discussed with your clinician.



Returning Equipment

Please ensure that ALL equipment is returned inside your sleep study pack including your sleep device and wrist oximeter watch, however we would appreciate if you could please discard your nasal cannular, respiratory bands and electrode dots for hygiene reasons.

You are not required to speak with anyone in the morning in regards to your sleep study so there will be a box located at the front desk where you or anyone on your behalf can place your device and your morning after questionnaire. Please place device inside this box to minimise any contamination and you or anyone on your behalf are able to leave freely after. If there is anything missing or any issues we will call you as soon as possible to discuss.


Once equipment is returned and if the study is successful, your results will be sent to your referring GP within 3 weeks and you will also be notified if requested.