Understanding Your Sleep Study Results

A sleep study measures many different variables during sleep. The aim is to determine the severity and impact of the sleep disorder.


Your Sleep Study Report

Your results will be analysed by a Sleep Scientist and then a Sleep & Respiratory Specialist, and in most cases be provided to you by our clinical sleep experts. If required a further appointment can be made with one of our attending sleep specialists. Once diagnosis is complete you will be offered a treatment trial plan based on your results.


Your Sleep Specialist Recommendations

A Sleep Specialist is a medical doctor with advanced training in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders. Often you will see their title as Respiratory and Sleep Physician. As well as respiratory issues, they look after all sleep related breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea. They will also see patients with disorders such as narcolepsy, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, periodic limb movement disorder/restless legs.

Click on the PDF Download for handy information on understanding your sleep test results.

You should feel free to discuss your sleep study results in detail with your GP, book in to see one of our independent Sleep Specialists, or discuss with your mySleep® technician, who can help explain any other aspects that may be on your study and are specific to your requirements.


Understanding Your Sleep Study Results

The following PDF describes the sleep events analysed in a Sleep Study report and the terminology used.

*NB This is sample data only - not your individual results which will be supplied by your clinician.

Download Understanding my Sleep Test PDF


Your Level 2 Sleep Study Records the Following Information


Sleep Quantity

Sleep Quality

Sleep Efficiency

Sleep Latency

REM Latency

Awake Time

Sleep Arousals

Apnea Hypopnea Index


Flow Limitation

Oxygen Statistics



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