CPAP Trials & Rentals

We know that the transition to use CPAP takes a little trial and error. The mySleep® Team can guide you through this process by giving you the opportunity to trial gold standard equipment. Leading brands we offer include ResMed, Fisher & Paykel and Phillips.

A CPAP treatment trial is conducted over a one-month period or express two week period. During this trial you work closely with your Sleep Therapist who will provide you education and assistance as required to ensure you are comfortable and adjust well to your treatment.

  • Thorough assessment of effective & comfortable CPAP machine pressure to control your apneas
  • Trial a range of CPAP masks to see which suits you best
  • Pay-As-You-Go Trial Options
  • CPAP Trial fee can be deducted from equipment purchase*

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Why Do a CPAP Trial?

Here is what some of our patients are saying after just 3 weeks of treatment...

"Feeling better" ... "Increased energy" ... "Feeling energised" ... "Improved my energy. Reduced my sleepinees during the day." ... "Fewer headaches and generally happier" ... "not feeling tired during the day and afternoon and evening" ... "Feel energised" ... "Stopped snoring" ... "Feeling very well" ... "Deeper sleep" ... "RELAXATION" ... "Having more energy throughout the day" ... "More sleep" ... "Energy and not feeling irritated during day" ... "I get to enjoy a full day. Not planning a day around nap time." ... "not so fuzzy and fatigued" ... "Better alertness due to better sleep" ... "Not feeling so tired" ... "A stronger and deeper sleep I wake up feeling like I'm refreshed" ... "A little more alert and maybe not as sleepy after lunch!!"


Basic Hire Package

$140 per month 
or $35 per week for a minimum of 2 weeks

Up to 1 month hire is deducted off your purchase price*

✓ Initial 45 minute CPAP set up consultation - Instruction and education detailing benefits, features, operating and cleaning of the CPAP machine, humidifier, mask and accessories.

 Hire of 1 mask for the month (additional masks will incur a hire fee of $50 per mask, non-refundable).

 One follow-up consultation mid-month (choice of phone or telehealth) to assist you, trouble shoot as required and review your clinical symptoms.



Thie basic package is perfect if you have used CPAP before,
and can be handy for holiday rental.


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Premium Trial Package

Basic Hire


 Initial 45 minute CPAP set up consultation

Your initial Sleep Therapist consultation includes instruction and education detailing benefits, features, operating and cleaning of your CPAP machine, humidifier, mask and accessories.




Premium CPAP equipment

Your Trial Package includes a ResMed AirSense 10 Machine with 
Humidifier, Mask & Accessories as well as complimentary CPAP cleaning wipes.


Choice of multiple brands of masks

During your CPAP Therapy Trial you have access to unlimited mask changes as required throughout, with the option to trial up to two masks at any time.
Brands we offer include ResMed, Philips & Fisher & Paykel.



Unlimited consultations

Talk with your Sleep Therapists via phone, telehealth and/or face-to-face consultations to assist you, trouble shoot as required and review your clinical symptoms.


Remote monitoring

We monitor your compliance and treatment progress with changes made as required by your Sleep Therapist to ensure optimum benefit from therapy.



End of trial consultation

At the end of the month our Sleep Therapists review your results, clinical benefits and discuss on-going treatment and support.


On-going VIP Member Care and Support

Our Sleep Health Experts are here every step of the way to make your journey as easy as possible. We offer continued support throughout your treatment trial and the life of your machine.  


*Based on current store prices. Prices subject to change without notice.

The team at mySleep® is with you every step of the way!


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