Allison's Journey

I was feeling tired all the time. While I was away with a friend who has sleep apnea, she mentioned my snoring was bad and that I might have sleep apnea as well. After receiving my sleep test results, I was surprised by the number of times I was stopping breathing.

Before starting on CPAP, I had my concerns. The biggest motivator to try CPAP was my health. My lack of sleep was contributing to weight gain, and I was sick of people complaining about my snoring!

At first, I hated it, I didn’t feel like there was much benefit. However, I persisted, until I got sick. When I wasn’t using it, I realised how much more tired I was.

My mySleep consultant very good at supporting me through this process. She explained everything clearly in a way I could understand. I am now happy to say I have been on CPAP for about 9 months and I’m enjoying a better night’s sleep.