Sefam has been producing CPAP treatment devices for over 40 years and their Starck S.Box Auto-adjusting CPAP features whisper quiet operation and a sleek design by renowned industrial designer Phillippe Starck.

The Starck S.Box Automatic mode self-adjusts for maximum comfort and efficacy, and it Includes integrated heated humidifier and a temperature controlled heated tube.

The advanced algorithm treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea with clinical efficacy using continuous automatic adjustment. Which ensures that you receive the right amount of air pressure for you, delivered at the right time.

The Sefam humidification technology ensures a comfortable level of humidification for you. And the optional heated hose gently adjusts the air temperature to minimise condensation and to provide a comfortable experience.

The Starck S.Box Auto includes a Ramp function to increase pressure to the prescribed level during sleep or an algorithm continuously monitors to determine your optimum pressure.
The S.Box has a simple, user-friendly motion sensitive digital patient display that can be activated by a mere touch or remotely, by using the Sefam Access App from your mobile phone. 

The S.Box by Starck Automatic CPAP is much more than a treatment device, it is an innovative concept of ‘precision medicine’ that puts you at the centre of your treatment.

The Sefam S.Box Auto-adjusting CPAP allows you to become more engaged in your treatment. In addition to the innovations of the Auto CPAP device, the S.Box by Starck concept offers mobile apps and the use of compatible Bluetooth connected devices. These provide not only day-to-day follow up of your CPAP treatment, but also other important specific physiological infromation integrated into your ihealth sleep report:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Physical activity
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Heart rate

Connectivity & operation

The Sefam Access mobile app is free, and it facilitates the interaction between you and your healthcare professional using surveys and messaging tools. The transmission of the data is facilitated by the Sefam Access app that communicates with the S.Box using Bluetooth. The S.Box Auto stores up to 365 sessions of 8 hours in duration.

Other means of data transmission directly from the S.Box include the GPRS modem and the Wi-Fi module. Sefam Access is available in both iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded on Smartphones and tablets from the App Store as well as from Google Play.

The Sefam S.Box can be used in-flight and is compatible with the Medistrom battery via a DC Charger via an Inverter.

The S.Box comes with a standard air filter that should be changed at least every 3-4 months. It also has an optional fine filter that should be changed monthly.


  • Automatic Machine 
  • Integrated Humidifier 
  • Heated Tube 
  • Filter 
  • Carry Bag 
  • Power Cord 
  • User Manuals 

Optional Extras

  • Cigarette Cable (24v) 
  • Deluxe Carry Bag 
  • iHealth Connected Scale 
  • iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor 
  • iHealth Activity Tracker 

Setting up your Starck S.Box

Download the App

to access your key sleep information and connect associated iHealth devices for a complete health picture



Warranty Period

CPAP Device & Parts  
CPAP Machine  5 Years (2 years standard warranty + 3 years on warranty registration
Power Supply 2 Years
Humidifier 1 Year
Humidifier Base Plate 1 Year
Humidifier Chamber 90 Days
Heated Tube 90 Days
S.Box Side Cover 90 Days
SD Card 90 Days
Bluetooth Accessories  
iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor BP5 1 Year
iHealth Connected Scales 1 Year
iHealth Activity Tracker AM4 6 Months


SKU SEFM116412
Barcode # M-116412- AU
Brand Sefam

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We can set your machine to match your existing CPAP Prescription!

For optimum comfort and performance we can set your machine to your Prescription settings.
You can select one of the following three options:

  1. If you are a mySleep customer, our staff will contact our clinic manager to ensure your machine is set to the prescription setting we have on your patient record. Alternatively if you think you have an updated prescription with another provider please contact us so we can update our records.
  2. If you are not an existing mySleep customer our team will contact you to obtain your prescription or preferred settings.
  3. If no prescription is available, we we recommend making a booking with our clinic so that we can set up an AirView account so we can support you during your first month of use.

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