Patient Rebate Eligibility


Are sleep studies covered by Medicare Australia?

Most patients who are suffering a moderate range of sleep apnea symptoms could be eligible for a Medicare Bulk Billed Level 2 Sleep Study with mySleep®. To find out if you qualify you will need to make an appointment with your GP who will diagnose your symptoms and assess your eligibility at time of requesting a referral.

Please also note additional appointments with our attending Sleep and Respiratory Specialists may incur out of pocket expenses.

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QHealth Sleep Disorders Program

The Queensland Health Sleep Disorders Program (QHSDP) is a statewide clinical scheme that manages the treatment of patients with sleep disorders, including those with obstructive and central sleep disordered breathing, insomnia, hypersomnolence, behavioural sleep disorders and parasomnias. 

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DVA Assistance

Department of Veteran Affairs can assist with funding under approved conditions. Please discuss this with your GP and with our team so we can assess your eligibility.

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NDIS Funding

Since 1 October 2019, additional disability-related health supports have been available to purchase using NDIS funding. The typical types of support available can be grouped into eight ‘support type’ categories.

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Private Health Fund Rebates

Most private health funds do offer a rebate on the purchase of your CPAP equipment, however you will need to check your schedule as rebates and equipment eligibilty varies between  private health funds.

To make a claim on equipment you have purchased from mySleep® please ensure you retain your tax invoice and feel free to contact us if you require a copy.


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