The Evora Full Face Mask is a high performing and comfortable option that is suited to new and existing CPAP users. The compactness of the mask is an excellent option for mouth breathers requiring a seal over the nose and mouth, but at risk of feeling claustrophic or prefer to acclimatise to PAP therapy before sleep.

The Evora Full offers high comfort and a soft seal has shown to assist with alleviating pressure on the skin, reducing the need to regularly switch masks due to irritation.

Due to the advanced comfort and utility of the Evora Full this is a great option for improving both CPAP therapy compliance and efficacy.

Download the F&P myMaskTM App designed to support patient mask setup for best fit, fine tuning and cleaning tips.

Evora Fitting Video

Evora Cleaning Guide



The mask comes with all cushion sizes inside the pack: Extra Small, Small/Medium and Large.




  • 1 x Evora Full Cushion (XS) 
  • 1 x Evora Full Cushion (S-M) 
  • 1 x Evora Full Cushion (L) 
  • 1 x Evora Full Headgear (Standard)
  • 1 x Evora Full Tube 
  • 1 x Evora Full Frame 
  • 1 x F&P Swivel White 


F&P 30 Day Surefit Guarantee


Warranty Period

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CPAP units (excluding consumable items forming part of the CPAP delivery system)

NB. This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • accident
  • misuse or abuse
  • modification
  • failure to follow instructions for use
  • unsuitable physical or operating environment
  • failure caused by a product not supplied or manufactured by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • other defects not related to materials or workmanship
  • failure to use original spare parts
2 Years

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Barcode # EVF1XMLU
Brand Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Mask

By: on 10 February 2022
After trialling several different masks with varying results I was offered this mask as it had just arrived in stock a few hours before. Excellent! A close fitting mask of extreme comfort which does not dislodge with manoeuvers around the pillow. Excellent flow with minimum leakage. A comfortable harness fitting throughout the night. Highly recommended.

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