CPAP Replacement Schedule

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When maintaining your equipment for optimal performance, ensuring your equipment is undamaged and in clean condition is essential.

Follow the below schedule to replace your consumables and be assured your equipment will be in tip top condition, and provide maximum comfort. Click here to see our regular CPAP cleaning guides and videos to ensure you get maximum longevity and highest standards of hygiene for your CPAP Products.



CPAP Replacement Schedule




AirTouch Foam Cushions

To keep your super soft foam cushion in best condition, you should replace your cushions monthly. You can purchase replacement for your AirTouch CPAP mask cushions in a convenient 3 pack here.


ResMed AirTouch Replacement Cushions





Machine Filters

CPAP machine filters are a consumable item, they should be checked regularly and replaced about every 3 months or more often if they look dirty. We stock a large range of ResMed, Philips, Fisher & Paykel CPAP Filters for your convenience.


Replacement CPAP Machine Filters





Cushions & Seals

Mask parts such as the mask cushion are prone to over time discolour, deteriorate and tear. The silicone cushion is delicate, so be careful, particularly when pulling it apart and washing it that you treat it gently, so you do not tear it.  Most people should get at least 6 months usage before having to replace these silicone parts. See our Cushion & Seal Replacements in our store.




Most people get at least 6 months out of a headgear, however over time they do begin to stretch and you will find that you need to keep tightening the mask to make it fit comfortably. Stretched headgear is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to  increase red marks and irritation on your face and should be updated regularly to ensure optimum comfort. See our Headgear category here, or find your mask and view the Replacement Parts tab.


CPAP Replacement Cushions






Mask Frames

Most frames and elbows are made of a durable hard plastic, we have found unless you are unfortunate enough to sit on it and break it, it should last at least 1 year. See our Replacement CPAP Frames here.



CPAP Tubes

You should get about 12 months from your CPAP tubing. The Short Mask Tube (if applicable to your mask type) and the Long Breathing Tube, with daily usage can also both stretch and deteriorate over time. The key thing to check for here is it that there are no holes in the tubing, where air can escape and detriment your treatment. View our range of CPAP Masks & Machine Tubing here.



Replacement Mask

If you are requiring more than one component the 12 month mark may be a great time to refresh or update your mask.




Humidifier Tubs

Reusable Humidifier Water Tubs, with proper cleaning should last at least 2 years. mySleep® sell a range of replacement humidifier tubs and parts to help you maintain the health of your humidifier.






CPAP Machines

To ensure optimum performance and benefits of treatment, you should consider upgrading your CPAP machine about every 5 years as technological advancements are always seeking to improve device features, comfort and performance. We are here to assist you with selecting the CPAP machine best suited to your needs from our range of premium CPAP machines for your ongoing treatment. To speak with one of our sleep experts about your next purchase, please book a free consultation at one of our mySleep clinics, or contact us via phone or email. We look forward to assisting you.




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