The DreamStation will automatically adjust within its own set pressure range for the user. The device regulates the supplied pressure during the night via monitoring of flow and potential apnea on a breath-by-breath basis. This means you can have peace of mind that the machine is always delivering the right amount of pressure at the right time.

The Philips DreamStation Auto has a sleek, stylish, low-profile design. It’s small and light, making it easy to pack for travel. The DreamStation is 60% quieter, 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the previous model. It can be halved in size by removing the humidifier section making it very lightweight and easy to travel with.

It features easy-to-navigate menus, a front-facing display that can be operated while lying down or sitting up in bed as well as an easy-to-clean, one-piece humidifier water chamber.

The DreamStation heated humidifier is designed to prevent dryness and congestion due to CPAP therapy. Combine the machine and humidifier together to provide moist air and significantly enhance your comfort during use.

The water chamber is easily removed from the machine and features an open top for convenient cleaning and filling. A unique preheat feature is incorporated into the DreamStation humidifier to begin warming the water chamber 30 minutes in advance.

Tube temperature and humidification settings can be set and adjusted in the patient menu and adaptive mode can be enabled which will monitor ambient humidity levels and automatically adjust heat settings to provide intuitive climate control and air treatment, whilst reducing the incidence of condensation or rain-out.

The level of humidity and as well as the level of the tube temperature can be easily adjusted in the patient menu, between settings of 0 to 5 (with 0 meaning it is turned off and 5 being the maximum heat/humidity).

The device also incorporates Dry Box Technology, which reduces the chance of water damage via prevention of water travel throughout the system, as well as water displacement with strategic airport placement.

DreamStation algorithms help make it easy for you to starting CPAP therapy and for your continued long-term use. EZ-Start can help you gradually acclimate to therapy.

SmartRamp allows users to fall asleep at lower pressures. The machine to adjusts pressure even during the ramping stages. SmartRamp will even sense if the user is having non breathing events and adjust accordingly.

The DreamStation devices also comes with A-Flex Pressure Relief technology that helps mimic the user’s natural breathing patterns by lowering the pressure upon exhalation. A range of settings from 1 to 3 are available to create varying levels of pressure reduction upon exhalation.

Users are also able to perform Mask Fit Checks through a function in the menu that enables leakage detection prior to starting therapy so that your mask is properly fitted to your face each night.

This device comes with a built in wireless cellular modem and can be remotely monitored and managed by our expert clinicians.*Wireless activity subject to local network availability and connection. Device uses own 4G connection managed by mySleep; your Home Internet or Wi-Fi connection is not used or compromised.

As well as data storage on a standard SD card, the DreamStation has integrated Bluetooth, so you are able to monitor your own progress by connecting your device to the free DreamMapper app.

All these features help the DreamStation provide you with an improved overall patient experience.


  • DreamStation Auto Machine with Humidifier and Cellular Modem
  • Heated Tube
  • SD Card
  • Travel Bag
  • AC Power Supply
Product Warranty Period
  • Memory Foam or Gel Cushions
7 Days
  • Mask systems (including mask frame, silicone cushion, headgear and tubing) – excluding Consumables and single-use devices
  • Accessories – excluding Consumables and single-use devices
    • SD cards
    • USB modules and adapters
    • Standard, CPAP tubing
    • Humidifier water tubs (non-reusable)
90 Days
  • Replacement or additional batteries for use with Philips Devices
6 Months
  • CPAP, APAP and bilevel device data modules
  • CPAP, APAP and bilevel device oximeter adapters
  • Humidifiers and humidifier water tubs (reusable)
  • Titration control devices
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Hospital trolleys
  • Remote alarms
1 Year
  • CPAP, APAP, bilevel and ventilation devices (including external power supply units, original batteries and FiO2 sensor (if applicable) and excluding humidifier tubs)
2 Years
Barcode # AUX500T15C
Brand Philips Respironics

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We can set your machine to match your existing CPAP Prescription!

For optimum comfort and performance we can set your machine to your Prescription settings.
You can select one of the following three options:

  1. If you are a mySleep customer, our staff will contact our clinic manager to ensure your machine is set to the prescription setting we have on your patient record. Alternatively if you think you have an updated prescription with another provider please contact us so we can update our records.
  2. If you are not an existing mySleep customer our team will contact you to obtain your prescription or preferred settings.
  3. If no prescription is available, we we recommend making a booking with our clinic so that we can set up an AirView account so we can support you during your first month of use.

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