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Keryn's Story

As a 40-year-old mum of two teenagers I was constantly tired and very lethargic, I was napping most days and my weekends away.
I did the at home sleep test where my results showed I had moderate sleep apnea. I trialled a CPAP machine for a month and couldn’t believe the difference it made. I instantly started feeling better and fatigue faded away completely. I stopped napping and felt more alert and tuned into life. Brain fog is now a distant memory. 

I am eternally grateful to not have to feel like I was before having been diagnosed with sleep apnea.




John's Journey

"I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years ago but was put off by my impressions. At that time I didn't take into consideration the detrimental effects of ignoring my health. Having a heart attack made me come to terms with the stark reality of my need to take this much more seriously. I'm glad I did because my fears were completely unfounded.

I have found the whole process and the people involved to be outstanding! I wish someone had told me how much better my life would be, ... as I would have gone ahead with it years ago and in doing so possibly avoided a heart attack! I wish someone had told me how much better my life would be!"

John S.



Allison's Journey

I was feeling tired all the time. While I was away with a friend who has sleep apnea, she mentioned my snoring was bad and that I might have sleep apnea as well. After receiving my sleep test results, I was surprised by the number of times I was stopping breathing.

Before starting on CPAP, I had my concerns. The biggest motivator to try CPAP was my health. My lack of sleep was contributing to weight gain, and I was sick of people complaining about my snoring!

At first, I hated it, I didn’t feel like there was much benefit. However, I persisted, until I got sick. When I wasn’t using it, I realised how much more tired I was.

My mySleep consultant very good at supporting me through this process. She explained everything clearly in a way I could understand. I am now happy to say I have been on CPAP for about 9 months and I’m enjoying a better night’s sleep.




Sarah's Experience

"Before commencing therapy I felt like I was just craving a good night’s sleep but couldn’t get it... I  felt like I was waking every 5 seconds and the apneas really scared me. I was waking up feeling foggy, and feeling like I wanted to sleep every day around 3pm.

The team were very professional, friendly and supportive. They really set me up for success, making it easy to use and feeling looked after throughout my treatment and follow up consultations. When I get home of an afternoon now, I feel functional and am able to do the things I previously had no energy to do. It really has given me a new lease on life."

Sarah C.



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With a complete offering of Sleep Testing and Sleep Apnea Solutions. mySleep's mission is to give patients easy access to Medicare-approved snoring and sleep apnea test facility, followed by the best available snoring and sleep apnea solutions.

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Maria's Story

My husband had also been a bad sleeper and he would be lucky to get a solid 4 hours at sleep each night. After years of sleep deprivation his energy levels started to drop and unknowingly started slipping into early stages depression. A normally fit happy man literally hit a brickwall, resulting in him quitting his job as a builder.

After visiting his GP he was referred for tests which included a Sleep Study and it turned out he has Sleep Apnea. He now has a CPAP Machine and 2 months later he is a completely changed man, he has a new new job, goes to he gym daily and more importantly sleeps throughout the whole night. CPAP has in simple words saved his life.

I am so grateful to have my happy and healthy husband back again.

Maria M.



Sleep disorders affect millions of people in Australia, however, awareness is low and a large number of people remain undiagnosed and untreated.

At mySleep® we stand out from the competition as a trusted independent provider with over 20 years of experience in diagnostic sleep studies, snoring and sleep apnea treatment. 
We provide a simple pathway that it easy to follow, saves you time and money. Our service offers you the complete solution from screening, diagnosis, treatment options, education, Sleep and Respiratory Specialist consultations and your on-going care.

With mySleep® you can have the confidence that we will look after you throughout your entire journey towards improved sleep health and getting a better night’s sleep!


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mySleep® have a team of highly experienced sleep health experts who will guide you through your sleep journey. Our staff specialise in diagnostics, therapy trials and treatment to make sure you are looked after to the highest possible degress at every stage with us.

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